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Acer Laptop Repair Services In Singapore

Are you having issues with your Acer laptop? It is time you talked with a professional Acer laptop repair services provider and let them determine if the problem is repairable. Acer laptops are a big deal, but it gets to a point where, regardless of how careful you are when handling your computer, it accidentally gets damaged. If you are wondering where to repair the laptop, you are in the right place. In this article, I will be outlining the most common Acer laptop damages, where you can have yours repaired and the cost of repairing an Acer laptop.

Wong Steven
Wong Steven
Had a xiaomi notebook pro which random start for no reason. Uncle William can tell that it is hard disk drive issue without even checking. He replaced the hard drive for me and i pick up within 24 hours. Recommended. Will visit him again if i have computer problems again.
Ricky Chee
Ricky Chee
Professional laptop repair at very reasonable price
Guillaume de Penanster
Guillaume de Penanster
I changed the battery on my Dell XPS 13 and the computer couldn't start anymore. Brought to Uncle William. He fixed it on the spot in 10mn. Fantastic Uncle William, will recommend to my friends. Thanks again!
Mr. Bradley Foisset
Mr. Bradley Foisset
William is a kind man who gives honest and prompt feedback. I have been to other repair centres and Laptop doctor has been the best. My computer was fixed and then even a follow up fine tune was provided! My macbook pro now works like new. I will be back to service my computers here. Thank you Laptop Doctor.
Mr William is very professional. He is honest and charges very reasonable cost.
Wayne Kang
Wayne Kang
Brought my Macbook Pro, which has been shutting down randomly and having problems booting up to Uncle William. He provided a free diagnosis and in less than 15 mins, he managed to diagnosed the exact part which was causing the problem. He advised to let him to try and repair the damaged part first and if that was not possible, to decide if i would like to have it replaced (which he recommended against as the replacement cost was quite expensive and not worth it). Thankfully, it didn't come to that as he managed to repair the damaged part within 2 days and the fee I paid was 25% of what I would be expected to pay if I had needed to replace the damage parts. Uncle William is very knowledgeable in laptop repairs and his repair rates are very affordable. More importantly, he gives his honest opinion about the state of your machine and doesn't try to hard sell his services. Would highly recommend him!
Daniel Kang
Daniel Kang
Excellent knowledge, quick service and really honest rates. No unnecessary "fixes" or shoddy parts Might take awhile to respond to messages during busy times.
Randy Lee
Randy Lee
William is well experience and efficient in his job

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Common Acer Laptop Damages

Blue/Black Screen

This could be caused by anything; a software problem, a hardware problem or malware in your computer. The blue and black screen is a common problem and the issue can be super frustrating, especially when you want to get things done. Without a functional screen, your whole computer becomes useless, and it is, therefore, best if you look for a laptop repair shop near you and have the issue resolved.

Motherboard Repair

Laptop motherboards are a complex aspect, but a professional will have the problem figured out. One indication that there might be a problem with the motherboard is if the computer fails to turn on completely.

Water Damage Acer Laptop Repair

Water damages are among the common laptop problems, but luckily, that does not mark the end of functionality for your computer. Have it checked by an expert and you will have it restored to its initial state within no time.

Data Recovery

Nothing hurts more than accidentally deleting important files from the computer. It could be study or work-related files. It is frustrating, and you feel like you have been pushed several steps behind. Luckily, the data can be recovered, and all you need to do is consult a professional for the job.

Keyboard Acer Laptop Repair

If some of your laptop’s keyboard keys are not functional, or they are popped out or generally the whole keyboard does not work, it is time to take it to a nearby laptop repair shop and have it repaired or replaced.

Hardware And Software Acer Laptop Problems That Repair Services Providers Can Assist

  • Water has spilled on the motherboard
  • WiFi connection does not work
  • The keyboard keys are loose or do not function
  • The battery has failed; it is discharging or takes too long to charge
  • The touchpad is not functional
  • Experiencing the blue screen of death
  • Issues trying to install applications
  • System virus
  • Peripheral damages

How Much Does It Cost To Repair An Acer Laptop?

The laptop repair cost depends on several factors. For starters, what is the exact problem? What is the extent of the damage and which service provider do you choose for the job? Before settling on the service provider, do some research, know the average market price for repairing that particular problem, and choose the most reasonable. Also, make sure that you can trust and rely on the Acer laptop repair service provider by checking reviews and asking around.

Acer Laptop Repair Shop in Singapore

Looking for a laptop repair shop near you? is one of the the top laptop repair shops to try.
Your Acer laptop is a huge investment. Make a point of having it repaired and ensure it is always in good condition.


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