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Are you having problems operating your laptop and need a laptop repair service? Your laptop is like your office. That is where you store most of your work files. If you are a student, you probably use it to store your school work. If you love watching, you could use it to watch your favourite shows from anywhere, and if you are into games, laptops make a perfect.

Regardless of how you use your laptop, it is everyone’s wish to have it function seamlessly. It can be very frustrating when you want to have things done, but your computer keeps slowing you down. It could be a faulty keyboard, water damage, charging problems, blue or black screen, dead logic board, you name them. Particular laptop brands are known for different issues.

PC Laptop Repair Brand List

JiaZhen Kuah
JiaZhen Kuah
Visited this shop as there are lots of good feedbacks. Uncle is very nice and professional. After diagnosing my avita laptop, turns out it's a small issue and he didn't charge me. Tried to offer him that I will pay but he insist it's okay. He even explain how I can change the battery myself and gave me a small tool for it. Definitely will visit him if I have laptop that needs fixing.
Jin Hsu
Jin Hsu
Boss is so friendly and knowing well. Thank you
persisca buk
persisca buk
great service, helped me a lot with my battery and offered useful advice! highly recommend.
Exd (ExDson)
Exd (ExDson)
Just collected my ROG laptop today for repair due to LCD faulty. Price very affordable. Before repair Mr William will check first and inform you the quotation first and get your permission, before proceed the repair. Explained in details on the faulty issue and attentive and care about customer. Will certainly recommend my friends!! =)
Raphael Chew
Raphael Chew
Wonderful and professional service from William. The man put passion in his business.
Joanna Szwaja-Jacuta
Joanna Szwaja-Jacuta
I highly recommend the services of Doctor Laptop. Such friendly and professional staff!!
Lawrence Koh
Lawrence Koh
Very friendly and knowledgeable. Will recommend! Good to call first before making a trip down!
Lin Foong Teo
Lin Foong Teo
Uncle William is very sincere and honest business man, will definitely visit and recommend him again!

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Common Problems With Specific Laptop Brands

  • Xiaomi laptop problems are mostly display related such as flickering and flashing screens that may later turn partly or completely black
  • Lenovo laptops are infamous for motherboard and hard disk problems
  • HP laptops (Hewlett-Packard) usually have power failures with frequent shutdowns due to overheating
  • Most Samsung laptops experience blue and black screen issues and WI-FI connection failures indicating problems with software configuration
  • Fujitsu laptops have a wide array of hardware defects and that usually affect the computer display
  • Acer laptops normally face overheating and hard drive problems
  • Asus laptops get hit hard by liquid displays that could go ahead to affect the audio and power systems and the keyboard
  • Sony laptops are susceptible to power surges that could damage the motherboard and affect other hardware components such as the USB and power jacks
  • MacBook users have to contend with data loss and other issues that are usually caused by drive failure
  • Toshiba laptops usually experience battery charging issues, overheating and slow responses due to this

For all these problems, we shall discuss a general remedy. To save your computer from extensive damage due to neglect, it is important to visit a repair shop once in a while and get it diagnosed.

While there are some issues that you can diagnose and solve by yourself, letting a professional repair your laptop in Singapore is the best way to restore its functionality. The service provider could also detect any breakdowns that are yet to happen. What services will you get from a notebook repair service provider?


This is the top benefit of taking your laptop to a professional repair services provider. That is their job, and they, therefore, have the skills, expertise, and tools required to troubleshoot and diagnose any potential problems. You may have issues with your laptop keyboard and assume that is just it. The chances are that there is more behind what seems like a minor problem. The service provider will do a further checkup and determine if there are any hidden damages in your computer.

Water Damage Laptop Repair

You may accidentally spill water on your laptop, and while you may view as a small issue and wipe away the liquid, water may damage the laptop’s internal components or even worse; it could make it unusable. Depending on the capacity of the spilled water, the liquid may not go beyond the keyboard, but it is good to take precautionary steps and let an expert handle it. The repair expert knows what to do by dissembling the laptop and checking the necessary pointers to know if the water went too far. If your computer is already dead due to water damage, you can trust that with reliable repair service; you will have it restored to its functional state.

Damaged Screen Repair

You can count on the service provider to repair laptop screen. You cannot operate your computer with a broken or non-functional screen. You need to be in a position to view what is happening on the screen whether you are using it for reading, working, playing games, or watching movies. Let the repairer do his/her magic and restore the screen to its brand new state.

Keyboard Laptop Repair

Your laptop’s keyboard plays an important role when it comes to its operational state. You will need it to navigate through the various tabs and use it to type messages, emails, or when searching for something on the internet. The typical keyboard problems include protruding keys, some keys get too hard to click or the entire keyboard failing to operate. Leave it to the expert and have the problem solved within no time.

Motherboard Repair

The service providers have the necessary tools required to repair the laptop motherboard. With a dead motherboard, the computer is as good as dead, and you cannot use it for anything. Taking it to a professional repairer will however have the issue reversed. Symptoms of a dead motherboard include physical damages, bluescreen of death, freezing problems, a burning odor or overheating, the hard drive is dying slowly, and you have issues with the charging unit. All these issues could be as a result of a failing motherboard, and for that, you should take it with ultimate seriousness if you want your entire computer to function well.

Damaged Charging System And Battery Laptop Repair

You have probably noticed that your laptop takes too long to charge or does not charge at all. Also, you may realize that your battery dies very fast and you cannot count on it, especially during power outages or at times when you are not anywhere close to a charging spot. Those are signs that your laptop’s charging system or battery is dead and you should let an expert deal with it.

What Is The Cost Of Repairing A Laptop?

There is no definite answer to this. For starters, the cost will depend on the extent of damage and the damaged part.  Also, it will depend on the brand. For example, most HP laptop have hardware repair and are therefore more expensive to repair while Macs suffer software issues. LG laptop may cost more than Dell laptop repair because of the less available LG parts for replacement. Brand plays a significant role as it comes with the availability of repair parts and degree of sophistication of the computer.

Laptop Software Repairs

These include;

  • Compatibility problems
  • Failure to load or open pages
  • Memory issues
  • Virus removal

Laptop Hardware & Tools

  • Power supply damages repair
  • Laptop overheating
  • Keyboard repair
  • Damaged battery repair
  • Screen damages
  • Motherboard damages repair
  • Battery repair

Laptop Repair Tools

The expert will need;

  • Screwdrivers
  • Case Openers
  • Tweezers
  • Digital multimeter
  • Adapters
  • Solder
  • Desoldering hand pump
  • Smoke absorber

All these tools are a huge investment, and they are things you might not access easily. However, a laptop repair service provider has them all, and that is why it is best if you let the expert handle your damaged laptop rather than managing the issue by yourself.

Your laptop is a significant investment and a considerable part of your day to day life. Unfortunately, regardless of how cautious you are when handling it, it is bound to damages, especially after using it for a long time. Also, you may accidentally spill water on it or drop it, which will result in hardware and software issues. Get a reliable laptop repair shop in Singapore for diagnosis, repair, replacement, or even for consultation.


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