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+65-6454 6189

Sony Laptop Repair Services In Singapore

The human body works harmoniously in a synchronized program to allow us to perform daily tasks with ease. In the absence of disease, the performance is excellent but can be hindered or slowed down due to illnesses. Some are acute others cannot be easily detectable. We are advised to regularly go for checkups to ensure we are perfectly okay. The same way you take care of your body and go for regular checkups is exactly how you should treat your laptop. It also requires regular checkup but by a Sony laptop repair specialist, in this case, to ensure good performance.

Gee Patlol
Gee Patlol
Mr William is super awesome. Best service ever. Highly recommended 5-star!!! :)
Arun K
Arun K
Had MacBook not charging and consulted for service. Uncle was very technical on spotting the issue and without opening itself told it’s motherboard gone. After checking the board, finally found water damage. Didn’t charge for opening and checking the MacBook. Very helpful and friendly uncle.
Jun Yang
Jun Yang
Uncle is really professional and kind. He detect my laptop issue in few minutes. I requested to help me take out the disk since motherboard spoit. What supprise me is all these work he did , free of charge. I want to pay some money, he said no need. He also write down the model of disk box I need to buy to prevent of mismatching... Any laptop issues, don't hesitate, just look for uncle..he deserves the trust!
Ambient Walking
Ambient Walking
William is 100% the most reliable and honest MacBook repair person I’ve ever dealt with in Singapore. Due to a very stupid mistake made at home, I closed my MacBook Air when there was a small foreign object on the trackpad and it cracked my screen. I panicked! Glad I found William from an online review. He charged me $450 to replace my MacBook Air screen and could do it within 3 hours. Totally saved my life as I am a YouTuber and cannot work without my MacBook Air. Service wise and product wise like cannot beat. I highly recommend him for all your repair services. Thanks, William!!!
David Eternal
David Eternal
Had my laptop repair due to motherboard issues. Manage to fix my laptop without needing to replace the motherboard. Also had my laptop cover replace and cleaned. Very professional, prompt and reasonable price.
Pei Yeng Hoe
Pei Yeng Hoe
I called in to get a quote to repair my WiFi adapter, in the end the uncle boss actually dispensed me with the exact instructions to repair it myself. Grateful, totally didn't expect! Will go to him for future needs for sure!
Ramesh Kumar Rajendiran
Ramesh Kumar Rajendiran
Reasonable price with good quality we can expect. My MacBook Pro 2015 model battery and speaker got replaced. He did free service to downgrade MAC OS and keyboard cleanup 👌🏽
Elton Lim
Elton Lim
Owner was very patient and accommodating. The problem was quickly identified and solved. Would recommend
Miaoqin Cai
Miaoqin Cai
V good and honest Uncle William, change my MacBook Screen and battery. Others quote me 2 service chargers, Uncle only quote me 1. Save me $150. and help me fix the touchpad for free. Thanks

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Repair Services

Sony laptops have both hardware and software problems. The hardware problems include:

  • RAM upgrade
  • Keyboard damages due to fluid spillage
  • Hard drive crushing
  • Screen breakage and display errors

Software related issues involve:

  • Viruses, windows installation
  • Drivers update
  • Operating system installation just to mention a few

Other repairs may include; touchscreen repair, battery, overheating of laptops, motherboard damages, fan cleaning, hinges repair and USB port repairs.

Sony Laptop Repair Service Centers

In Singapore, the laptop repair shops offer services to:

  • Sony PCG series
  • Sony Vaio PCG series
  • Vaio VGN Series
  • Vaio VPC Series just to mention a few

One of the top service centers include; servicing computers since 1997 in Singapore.

Cost Of Sony Laptop Repair

Estimation of Sony laptop repair parts is quite difficult due to their severe scarcity. Most Sony repair centers get these parts from broken Sony laptops and try to salvage the undamaged ones. It is therefore highly advisable to return the laptop to the manufacturers for replacement in case of any damage if the warranty is still valid. Take caution not to open the laptop parts because it breaches the policy of warranty and may result in invalidation of the Laptop’s warranty.

Some minor laptop repair problems do not require expert attention as they can easily be fixed at home with a little bit of guidance. The minor repair problems may require you to have some tools to make the servicing possible. The kits have screwdrivers of different sizes and shapes. The different shapes and sizes are for the respective screws in the laptop which tend to differ especially the ones in the hinges and the internal ones including the motherboard.

In as much we need doctors, we need real professionals who can actually restore our health or give us advise on proper ways of living. In the same context, laptops need to be attended to by professionals. Wrong people attending to your laptop might end up doing more damage than good. Authentic Sony laptop repairs are available and always on call and more than willing to help. Give your laptop the same type of treatment and concern you give your body.


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