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Lenovo Laptop Repair Services In Singapore

Laptops are affordable now and owned by almost everyone. We tend to use it for research purposes, assignments and as a backup of some sort. Sometimes life happens and voila! Your laptop is dead, or you accidentally sat on it and broke the screen but the most common is spilling coffee, hot cocoa, juice or water in it. Since we treasure whatever is stored in it, well, I am here to inform you that you can get to save it. And how do you do that you ask? By making a point of repairing it instead of discarding. Head over to LaptopDoctor.com.sg; one of the top Lenovo laptop repair service provider in Singapore.

Andy Tan
Andy Tan
Mid 2011 MacBook Air can’t boot up with 3 beeps. Diagnosed bad ram soldered onboard. And his quote for new logic board replacement is very fair as compared to many others I have called. William also advised to reconsider as it’s almost 10yrs old laptop. Didn’t charge me, and went extra mile to offer removal of SSD hard drive for my data recovery. Honest & trustworthy tech 👍🏻
Moses Lim
Moses Lim
Great experience, boss was very helpful and professional. Also fixed laptop screen for half the price in less than half the time!
Hoe Lai TAN
Hoe Lai TAN
Mr William shares knowledge of how to take care of laptop battery with Window 10. Friendly and service with a good smile
Wini Ong
Wini Ong
Mr. William is very nice, efficiency and professional. He can immediately advise what is the issue of my laptop and help me to fixed it within few hours with reasonable price. Thank you for fixed my laptop screen issue and overheat issue! :'D I will remember to shut down my laptop instead of let it in sleep mode. 100% recommended! Don't worry, just look for Mr. William if you have laptop issue!
John Li
John Li
Mr William is a very nice and effective person in terms of laptop service. He do not hard sell, he will always help you to see if there are any other cheaper or better alternative and this is why I approach him for services needed. Thx William!
Wei Jian Tan
Wei Jian Tan
Very nice shop owner. Support this SME! You won't regret. Prices are transparent and Uncle knows his stuffs!
Lensman Diary
Lensman Diary
Mr William is indeed an expert. He is reliable, services are thorough and economical. His rich experience over 2 decades in addressing Laptop / Computers related issues is excellent.
Honest and very knowledgeable. Fair pricing which is openly posted. Able to quickly troubleshoot why my laptop could not boot up.

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Lenovo Laptop Brands

It is quite easy to say that no one would want to entirely replace their laptop and lose their data so the most logical thing is to get the laptop repaired. The biggest challenge of laptop repairs is getting authentic repair centers and them having the type of part you need. The only thing worse than a damaged laptop is giving it to someone who will damage it more in an attempt to fix it. Singapore has many authentic Lenovo laptop service centers and one of the top specialist is none other than LaptopDoctor.com.sg.

Repair Services

Lenovo is arguably one of the most used laptops in the world. You would, therefore, expect the service centers to be offering a wide range of repairs.  They include both hardware and software repairs. The hardware repairs comprise of:

  • Damaged fan repair
  • Hard disk repair or replacement
  • Screen repairs LCD/LED
  • Keyboard replacement
  • USB port repairs
  • HDMI port repair
  • Wi-Fi repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Power repair and motherboard repair

Make sure the part you buy is original and it actually fit your laptop model.

The software servicing is:

  • Virus damage repair
  • Software installation
  • Program update
  • Operating system installation
  • Windows update and activation just to mention a few

Cost Of Repair

Due to the number of people using Lenovo laptops, the spare parts are quite easy to come by. They can be obtained from shops, both online and physical stores or alternatively gotten from damaged laptops which some parts have been successfully salvaged. Realistically, most of the spares are quite cheap compared to other brands. Screen repairs and replacement, keyboards and motherboards depending on the dealer in question. The cost of repair will entirely depend on the parts damaged and the extent of the damage. Other problems are minor or due to the trust issues one opts to repair the damage on their own. Lenovo has guidelines and tutorials that will take you through the whole process.

We treasure our data and information on the laptops we own so dearly. To protect it we have to constantly keep tabs on the condition of the laptop, both the hardware and the software. Frequent updates and upgrades are key. Most of them won’t cost you as much as losing years and years of stored information. Let your laptop be your baby that way you will give it some exceptional treatment.


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