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Dell Laptop Repair Services in Singapore

Dell is rising in popularity in the current market with many people choosing the brand to solve their laptop needs. PC manufacturers don’t hesitate to realise the demand and Dell laptops are all over the market. However, if you have finally decided to purchase one of these machines, you should also know that they need repair from time to time. No matter how careful you might be with your laptop, you will have to incur some maintenance costs at some point. I’ll be taking giving some pointers on some repair services, maintenance costs and the best Dell laptop repair service provider to have your Dell machines repaired in Singapore.

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Laptop Repair Services

Your laptop faces lots of risks from virus attacks to broken screens and damaged motherboards, among others. Luckily there is a way you can get around this. Take a look at some of the repair services you can find in Singapore;

Laptop Reformat Service

Dell is known for its frequent formatting requirement. Your PC may not be functioning smoothly and encounters problems from time to time. All you might need is a laptop reformat service and enjoy the functionality of your Dell Laptop.

Repair Laptop Screen

In case your laptop’s screen is damaged, you don’t have to put it aside. In Singapore, several shops can fix your screen and get you right back on track. Whether your screen is cracked or its no longer sensitive, you can get it fixed at an affordable price. There is also touchscreen laptop repair in case you are using one of the touch Dell models.

Keyboard Laptop Repair

If your keyboard is faulty because you either dropped your laptop in water or other mechanical issues, there is little you can do with your computer but worry not. Keyboard laptop repair got you covered, and you will be typing right away.

Charger Repair And Replacement

Chargers are a common problem across different brands. They can burn due to electrical problems or be damaged by water, among other things. Don’t throw your charger away since you can get it fixed if it’s not severely damaged. Likewise, you can buy a new one at one of the repair shops close to you.

Laptop Service Upgrade

There’s no point of using your laptop if it’s slow or unable to execute some commands. A laptop service upgrade will get you right on track to make the most out of your machine.

Cost Of Repairing Dell Laptop

When it comes to repairing costs, it mainly depends on the kind of service you need for your laptop. You are probably asking how much is a laptop repair screen. For Dell models, the amount should be approximately $300. If you need diagnosis and repair, then that should cost you roughly $100. For flat rate Dell Laptop refurbishing, the amount should be around $200. Please note the cost will depend on the type of repair you need for your laptop.

Where Do I Get My Dell Laptop Repaired?

To get your Dell Laptop functioning again, you can seek services from one of the top laptop repair specialist; Laptop Doctor has been fixing computers since 1997 in Singapore.


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