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Damaged MacBook Battery Repair Service

The battery is an essential accessory since it provides energy thus allowing one to work on the MacBook in the absence of plugged-in power. The battery also gives MacBook the aspect of portability. A working battery is needed for one to use a computer optimally. Its failure can deny the owner usage of their MacBook. We come in handy to provide the best Apple repair services in Singapore when any fault occurs on your battery. Our team of qualified laptop doctors diagnoses battery error and perform MacBook battery repair to ensure that it performs as good as a new one.
LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. MacBook battery repair services.

JiaZhen Kuah
JiaZhen Kuah
Visited this shop as there are lots of good feedbacks. Uncle is very nice and professional. After diagnosing my avita laptop, turns out it's a small issue and he didn't charge me. Tried to offer him that I will pay but he insist it's okay. He even explain how I can change the battery myself and gave me a small tool for it. Definitely will visit him if I have laptop that needs fixing.
Jin Hsu
Jin Hsu
Boss is so friendly and knowing well. Thank you
persisca buk
persisca buk
great service, helped me a lot with my battery and offered useful advice! highly recommend.
Exd (ExDson)
Exd (ExDson)
Just collected my ROG laptop today for repair due to LCD faulty. Price very affordable. Before repair Mr William will check first and inform you the quotation first and get your permission, before proceed the repair. Explained in details on the faulty issue and attentive and care about customer. Will certainly recommend my friends!! =)
Raphael Chew
Raphael Chew
Wonderful and professional service from William. The man put passion in his business.
Joanna Szwaja-Jacuta
Joanna Szwaja-Jacuta
I highly recommend the services of Doctor Laptop. Such friendly and professional staff!!
Lawrence Koh
Lawrence Koh
Very friendly and knowledgeable. Will recommend! Good to call first before making a trip down!
Lin Foong Teo
Lin Foong Teo
Uncle William is very sincere and honest business man, will definitely visit and recommend him again!

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Use Of A MacBook Battery

The battery is a hardware component that supplies power to the MacBook for storage and direct use. Improper usage or too much usage of the battery can make it faulty. Some of the faults associated with the MacBook battery includes overheating and battery not charging. Faulty batteries do not last long enough as they once did on a full charge.

Overheating can be as a result of keeping the MacBook plugged in for long on frequent occasions. Too many running applications can also cause overheating. If the battery fails to charge, it can be as a result of MacBook thermal sensors shutting off the battery for safety reasons. When the battery drains fast than it once did on a full charge, it could be as a result of deteriorating battery health. Poor battery health can occur through overcharging.


LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. MacBook repair services.

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Basic Repair Procedures

One can prevent overheating by avoiding charging the MacBook for too long and by quitting unused applications. If overheating does not stop, replacing the battery with a new one would work best. When the battery fails to charge, conduct a thorough check on the charger and the port to ensure that the problem lies solely on the MacBook battery. Disconnect the charger and shut down the MacBook to allow it to cool. Power on the MacBook after some time and resume charging. Cooling helps to reactivate a battery that had been switched off by thermal sensors. Rebooting corrects charging faults. Press the Apple icon located on the top left of the screen, click restart and wait for reboot. Try charging the MacBook after reboot. If the problem continues, seek technical support.

In case the battery drains too fast, quit the unused apps and remove connected hardware. Hold down the Alt or Option key on your MacBook, click on the battery icon on the top right, check the battery status messages located after condition heading. If the status message reads “service the battery” or “replace now,” it shows that the battery is about to die therefore needs replacement. Use of only original hardware replacement parts to enable the laptop to last.

Affordable Services With A Pick & Drop Option

We offer affordable Apple repair services in Singapore for MacBook battery. Our team of expertise consists of the best lap doctors well-equipped to diagnose any fault in your MacBook battery. We provide fast and efficient repair services thus providing reliable solutions to our customers. We cater for our busy clients through pick and drop services. Our dispatch service personnel are readily available and avail themselves at your convenient time.


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