MacBook Fan Repair

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+65-6454 6189

Damaged MacBook Fan Repair Service

Most MacBook hardware components would go undamaged long after you purchase your machine. The computer is like one compact device with very few movable parts. This factor is responsible for its resilience and longevity. Renowned Mac repair centres in Singapore such as the lap doctors have an easy time to focus on the performance of the machines. There is, however, one movable component that helped cool down the system so that your computer can perform optimally. This is the fan. In the lifetime of your computer, the fan may have to be cleaned severally or even replaced. Our laptop doctors will always be ready to handle any MacBook fan repair.
LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. MacBook fan repair services.

Quek Fu Sheng
Quek Fu Sheng
Felt the fees are reasonable and the uncle seems to be honest and nice.
Megan Ou
Megan Ou
I am still waiting for my quote yet I already knew this shop is honest and why they are getting good reviews. I have goggle and eliminate out what repair likely needed for my system. Very honest reply and not trying to profit by telling me what other parts I may need to replace which is not require. Highly recommended!!!
Kee Yong Tiong
Kee Yong Tiong
William K is very professional, and all-round nice person. I would recommend his professional opinion and skills 200%.
Henry Sim
Henry Sim
Henry Lau
Henry Lau
Changed the keyboard in just over an hour and it works as new. Fantastic!
Kenny Tan
Kenny Tan
William was very professional with his advise and knew immediately what the issues were with my laptop. He was also very honest with my requirements and didn’t try to push a higher end/higher priced product. Laptop was fixed extremely promptly as well! 10/10 would recommend
Arya Satya Naratama
Arya Satya Naratama
Very fast quality service. Responsive and willing to advise.
Isabelle Hoe
Isabelle Hoe
Thank you William for saving my macbook air! Professional, responsive, helpful, great quality and value! 🙂 Highly recommended
Pamela Pang
Pamela Pang
I am very glad that I brought my Mac Air to William. He was able to tell me on the spot what was wrong and had the parts to fix the Mac Air in less than 20min. An earlier shop wanted me to leave the unit for diagnostic and waiting period was two days. William did not even need 5 min to tell me what was wrong. Later I found out Laptop Doctor has been around for 20 over years ! I am so blessed to have clicked Laptop Doctor. It was the last piece of LCD in his store but William was prepared to lend me one laptop if necessary. Price was very good too. Rating: A ****
Albert Poon
Albert Poon
William is the most efficient and helpful and proficient laptop specialist that I have met. He helped me on the spot and recovered my data immediately. I would recommend him 100% to anyone. You will not be disappointed. I would give him A+++. Thanks again William.

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Fan Repair Services

Experts in our Apple repair store in Singapore are well conversant with your computer fan needs’. Drop by and get your fan cleaned up. Get rid of that disturbing grinding noise that you have to listen to when you are busy working at your desk. Ensure that your computer does not suffer a premature system’s crash due to overheating. Have your fan replaced with a fully functional one that would cater to the appliance’s cooling needs and guarantee it a longer lifetime.


LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. MacBook repair services.

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LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. MacBook Air repair services.
MacBook Air Repair

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LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. Mac Mini repair services.
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LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. MacBook Pro repair services.
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LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. iMac repair services.
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LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. Mac Pro repair services.
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The Kinds Of Damage The Fan Could Suffer

Accumulation Of Dust & Fabric

The fan in your laptop could get clouded with dust and fabric that accumulates over time from the air it sucks in and out. You would notice this through a constant rattling sound from your computer. The resultant effect is a slowdown of the fan’s rotating speed and blocking of cool air from sweeping through the system. With such a dysfunctional fan, heat emitted from your system’s processor would not be dissipated quickly enough. Think of it like having a very nasty headache, and you are trying to sit an exam. You would probably fail the test due to lack of concentration. In the case of your computer, unchecked heating up would hinder the functioning of installed software, and this could lead to a system’s crash.

Unexplained Malfunctioning

Sometimes your fan could run and stop at intervals with any apparent reason. This malfunctioning may signal that there is something wrong with the hardware itself. If the problem does not go away even after thorough cleaning, it might be time to replace the component. Get to our Mac repair centre in Singapore and have the replacement done for you at an affordable price.

The Basic Repair & Replacement Procedure

Dusting & Lubricating

The Mac fan is first dusted and vacuumed as standard procedure. We remove all the debris stuck in between its blades so that it can run smoothly and noise-free. A special lubricant is then added on to it to ensure that it is not ground small bits of plastic around its rotating axle.


A malfunctioning fan or one whose blades are twisted would certainly need replacement. To expose the fan, we remove the battery, the memory cover, and the upper case. We then open the fan with fine Philips screwdrivers and set it aside. A match for its replacement is brought in, screwed up and then tested. We use only original hardware replacement parts to enable the laptop to last. A replacement does not have to be new as long as it works well.


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