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Damaged MacBook Charger Repair Service

MacBook charger is an essential accessory that needs to be functional throughout its lifetime. Its failure will render your computer powerless and hence useless. We come in handy when any fault occurs to provide the best MacBook charger repair services in Singapore. Our team of qualified laptop doctors provides solutions to errors for your charger to regain its full functionality. You do not have to spend extra cash buying a new Apple charger when you could get your old one fixed.


As the price of a brand new charger almost matches the cost to repair a laptop charger, Laptop Doctor recommends users to buy a new charger instead of fixing the damaged one. Please head over to our online shop to view our range of laptop chargers.

LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. MacBook charger repair services.

Andy Tan
Andy Tan
Mid 2011 MacBook Air can’t boot up with 3 beeps. Diagnosed bad ram soldered onboard. And his quote for new logic board replacement is very fair as compared to many others I have called. William also advised to reconsider as it’s almost 10yrs old laptop. Didn’t charge me, and went extra mile to offer removal of SSD hard drive for my data recovery. Honest & trustworthy tech 👍🏻
Moses Lim
Moses Lim
Great experience, boss was very helpful and professional. Also fixed laptop screen for half the price in less than half the time!
Hoe Lai TAN
Hoe Lai TAN
Mr William shares knowledge of how to take care of laptop battery with Window 10. Friendly and service with a good smile
Wini Ong
Wini Ong
Mr. William is very nice, efficiency and professional. He can immediately advise what is the issue of my laptop and help me to fixed it within few hours with reasonable price. Thank you for fixed my laptop screen issue and overheat issue! :'D I will remember to shut down my laptop instead of let it in sleep mode. 100% recommended! Don't worry, just look for Mr. William if you have laptop issue!
John Li
John Li
Mr William is a very nice and effective person in terms of laptop service. He do not hard sell, he will always help you to see if there are any other cheaper or better alternative and this is why I approach him for services needed. Thx William!
Wei Jian Tan
Wei Jian Tan
Very nice shop owner. Support this SME! You won't regret. Prices are transparent and Uncle knows his stuffs!
Lensman Diary
Lensman Diary
Mr William is indeed an expert. He is reliable, services are thorough and economical. His rich experience over 2 decades in addressing Laptop / Computers related issues is excellent.
Honest and very knowledgeable. Fair pricing which is openly posted. Able to quickly troubleshoot why my laptop could not boot up.

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Use Of A MacBook Charger

One of the accessories of a MacBook is a battery. This battery holds a certain capacity of power that wears out in hours when in use. The MacBook charger helps to keep the battery powered through charging it using electrical energy.

MacBook chargers can become faulty after continued use. One of the faults that could occur is the damage of the outer insulation thus exposing the inner insulation. The exposure of internal insulation is dangerous since can burst into flames and cause permanent damage to the MacBook.

Another error that could occur is the failure to charge. Sometimes the MacBook charger might work while other times it might fail completely while not showing any activity. This failure can be as a result of an obstruction on the pin since it contains magnetic charges that can attract magnetic items with ease.

Failure to charge can also be as a result of as a result of a fault in MacBook charger plug or adapter. The indicator light on the MacBook charger is supposed to glow green while supplying power and not charging the battery. When charging the battery, it is supposed to glow amber. Any other colors such as a red glow or blinking colors show faultiness in the charger.


LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. MacBook repair services.

MacBook Air

LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. MacBook Air repair services.
MacBook Air Repair

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LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. Mac Mini repair services.
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LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. MacBook Pro repair services.
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LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. iMac repair services.
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LaptopDoctor – Apple repair specialist based in Singapore since 1997. Mac Pro repair services.
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Basic Repair Procedure

It is wrong to cover broken outer insulation with an electric tape or any other tape. The best solution to a broken cable is to replace it with a new one. There are various simple solutions to a charger that fails to charge. One of them is to remove any obstruction on the pin using a hard brush. Another solution is to unplug the charger from the wall socket and the MacBook to allow it to cool. When over-voltage occurs too often for the MacBook charger to adopt, it triggers over-voltage protection circuits thus shutting off the adapter to prevent damage. Unplugging the charger allows the adapter to reset allowing the charger to work again. When the error is in the adapter or not traceable, it needs an expert to repair it.

We offer Apple repair services in Singapore at pocket-friendly cost. Our team of experts consists of the best lap doctors you can ever find in Singapore. We use a range of different Apple products, best working tools, and machines to diagnose any faults. We provide fast and efficient MacBook charger repair services to save our customers’ time. When it comes to serving busy clients, we provide pick and drop services. Our staff members are readily available and work within the client’s convenient time.


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