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Dell 90W Auto/Air DC Travel Adapter / Laptop Car Charger

By matching the correct adaptor connector tip with the Dell Auto/Air DC Travel Adaptor, you will be able to power up and stay productive when you travel. It is a universal all-in-one, DC/DC device that will power your PC laptops. It allows you to plug into car outlet or air outlet for long-lasting performance.

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Buy Laptop Car Charger

Having to use your laptop in all areas without fear of inconveniences due to lack of power in some areas is a dream that most people look forward to. Luckily, with the invention of laptop car chargers, it is possible to make this dream come true. Unfortunately, with the many types of laptops that you will find in the market today, picking the best among them is easier said than done. However, you need to be careful to ensure that you make a choice that will not make you regret.

The Dell 90W Auto/Air DC Travel Adapter is among the choices that you will find in the market when considering to buy a laptop car charger. This is high quality and highly recommended laptop car charger that will help you ensure that being away from a source of power that does mean that you will not be in a position to use your laptop.

Below is more information about the Dell 90W Auto/Air DC Travel Adapter and why it is a wise choice to invest in.

Features Of Dell 90W Auto/Air DC Travel Adapter

  • Its power capacity is 90 watts
  • It is a power adapter that can be used in a car or plane externally
  • It is compatible with different systems and laptops
  • It is designed for many different systems

So, Why Should You Buy The Dell 90W Auto/Air DC Travel Adapter When Looking Forward to Buying Laptop Car Charger?

Like in any other electrical device, deciding the best laptop car charger that you buy is easier said than done. However, when investing in the Dell 90W Auto/Air DC Travel Adapter, you are sure that you will be making a choice that you will not regret. Some of the reasons why this is true:

Has A DC Power Input System

More often than not, most of the laptop car chargers that you will come across will have an AC power system. With the Dell 90W Auto/Air DC Travel Adapter, however, it operates with the DC power system. The DC power input is thus good for car operations and ensures that the battery is efficient. Some of the advantages that you will get by having DC power are such as:

  • There is no line length limitation
  • There is less corona loss
  • You will not need large circuit breakers
  • There will be no change in fault current level
  • There is no reactive loss
  • There is no stability problem
  • There will be no proximity effect
  • There are no inductive and capacitive losses

 Its Compatibility

As mentioned about, the Dell 90W Auto/Air DC Travel Adapter is economical as it is compatible with many other systems that you will find in the market today. Some of these systems are such as:

  • Latitude 3180
  • Latitude 3189
  • Latitude 3380
  • Latitude 5401
  • Latitude 5280
  • Latitude 7480
  • Latitude 7380
  • Vostro 3558
  • Vostro 3458
  • Chromebook 11 3180
  • Inspiron 7348
  • Inspiron 14 3000 series (3451)
  • Chromebook 11 3189

It Is A Universal Laptop Car Charger

When using the Dell 90W Auto/Air DC Travel Adapter, you will not have to fear the kind of laptop that you have to charge as it is a universal laptop charger. However, for it to charge all laptops universally, you will need to pair it with the correct connector tip. You can get this advice from your technician to advice on the best connector tip to use on the Dell 90W Auto/Air DC Travel Adapter, Dell Latitude. This way, you will not need to have several laptop car chargers in case you have more than one laptop. Additionally, in case you have a visitor in your car, you could also help them with the laptop charger regardless of the type of laptop that they are using.

When used together with an adaptor connector tip, it is transformed into a universal laptop car charger and can be used to power-up all laptop brands.

Has Been Thoroughly Tested

To ensure that the Dell 90W Auto/Air DC Travel Adapter laptop car charger is fully functioning, it is thoroughly tested to before being released out in the market. For this reason, you will not need to worry about taking home a kind of charger that will cause you more harm than good. Additionally, the manufacturers of the charger give you a warranty. Therefore, you will be assured that the product that you are purchasing is good, not worrying about its quality. You could also contact the Dell Technical support when you have an issue that you feel needs a technician. This way, you will not be worried about facing any inconveniences due to the kind of charger that you are using.

There Is Proper Protection Of The Charger

To ensure that the charger serves you for long, the manufacturers have given multi-protection for the charger. For instance, there is a built-in fuse which helps protect the device. On the other hand, there is a safe charging design, which provides protection against overheating, not to mention over and under voltage charging, overloading, shorting circuiting and overcharging among other problems that could lead to the destruction of the laptop car charger.

Has An Adaptor For Use On A Plane

Ideally, when purchasing the Dell 90W Auto/Air DC Travel Adapter, you will be looking forward to having a charger that you will use when on a plane. However, with this laptop car charger, you will have a chance to use even when you are boarding a plane. The charger is made of high quality in a way that you could continue using it when you are on the plane without fear of any malfunctioning or crashing down of the laptop.


A laptop car charger is an essential item that will save you from the inconveniences of not using your laptop when you need it the most. However, getting to buy a laptop car charger that will serve you the best is not a piece of cake. With a charger such as Dell 90W Auto/Air DC Travel Adapter, you are assured of investing on a laptop accessory with quality. Above is more information on why this is an ideal charger to consider when you want to buy a laptop charger.


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